Canton Automobile Insurance

Canton automobile insurance protects you and your automobile in an accident. With collision coverage, your Canton car insurance policy will pay for repairs to your vehicle so that you'll be back on the roads of Ohio in no time at all. Trust that your Canton auto insurance policy will provide for all the repairs necessary to have your automobile as good as new.

Accident Aftermath

What do you do if your automobile has been deemed non-reparable? How do you trust that the amount your Canton automobile insurance company is offering is truly what your car is worth? And what do you do if that amount isn't nearly enough to provide for another vehicle?

It's a scary situation. You've been in an accident that was severe enough to render your automobile unusable. You may have even sustained injuries. While you're at home recovering from your accident, you're eagerly awaiting news from your Canton insurance company to find out what the Canton, OH adjuster has decided about the repairs to your automobile. You wonder how long it will take to fix the damage. When the phone rings, however, you are told the adjuster has decided your car is a total loss. You weren't prepared for this news! It didn't appear to be that bad. What now?

How Your Car is Totaled

Well, knowing how your Canton auto insurance company came to that decision might help you to understand the decision. Regardless of what you believe, there's a process in determining that your Canton, OH vehicle is totaled. There's much that goes into that determination and it's really not arrived at lightly. Your Canton auto insurance company understands that you depend on your car to get you where you need to go in your daily life.

Certainly if the collision has destroyed your car, or your car has caught fire, the likelihood of it being declared totaled is very high. But, it's not always that obvious when a car is deemed totaled. Your Canton vehicle insurance agent will have an independent mechanic look over your automobile to decide how much repairs will cost. An appraiser will then compare the market value of your make and model against the rates of repairs and present that to the Ohio auto insurer to decide.

Refer to your Canton policy to see what the named amount for the percentage of your car's value the cost of repairs must exceed. In other words, your policy will state an amount, usually in a range from 51% to 90% of your car's value, and the assessed repairs must not exceed this amount. If the repairs exceed the amount, your automobile will be declared a loss. Since the value depreciates rapidly, this amount can change the older your car gets.

Once your vehicle is totaled, you will be issued a check for the market value of your automobile. Market value is the amount your car is it's worth as of the date of your accident and not the amount you paid for it when you bought your automobile. The amount of the deductible on your policy will be deducted from the market value your Canton insurance company agrees to pay you.

Options if you Disagree

Should you disagree with the insurer's decision, you have options. You'll need to act fast, however, as it can be difficult to retrieve your vehicle once the company has taken possession of it. You'll also need to hire your own independent appraiser. If the appraiser you hire determines the cars worth to be greater than what the insurance company has decided, your Canton automobile insurance company may increase the amount of your settlement check. If not, you could take them to court, however both the appraiser and the court fees will end up costing you money, which you might end up losing in the long run.

If you decide to hold on to your automobile and make the repairs yourself, you'll need to make sure you can afford the repairs. You should obtain quotes for the repairs before you decline your insurer's offer to settle. Keep in mind that once your car has been declared totaled it will need to pass a state of Ohio inspection in order to be re-registered. Once it passes the inspection and the state of Ohio has deemed it road worthy, you'll need to acquire insurance. The company could refuse anything beyond the minimum liability insurance you need in order to drive legally in Canton, OH according to vehicle insurance laws.

Having your Canton automobile insurance agency declare your automobile totaled can be a hard decision to accept. Your settlement may not be enough to get another vehicle, and you might feel as though your being punished for something that wasn't your fault. All you can do is accept it and move on, having learned at least something of how the insurance industry works.


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