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Camden automobile insurance rates are affected by different things. Of course, you know that your driving record will cause your rates to increase. If you have too many moving violations or accidents, you can move to a higher risk category. This means you're a bigger risk to insure and therefore will be charged your premiums accordingly. One of the big reasons, aside from personal safety, that you should keep your driving record pristine, is your Camden car insurance rates. However, there are other factors your Camden automobile insurance company will consider when writing your policy and giving you premium quotes.

Raising your Risk

One of the significant factors affecting your Camden automobile insurance premiums will be the model of car you drive. The make and model of car can cause your payments to increase considerably. You might think higher Camden insurance rates reflect your luxury vehicle purchase, but you would only be partly correct. Of course a luxury automobile will cost more to repair and more to replace should it be damaged or totaled, but that's the only reason you would have to worry about higher premiums with a luxury automobile.

On the other hand, a high performance automobile would be considerably more to insure, as you would see in your Camden auto insurance quote. These automobiles are generally operated by a type of individual who isn't typically the "little old lady driving it to church on Sunday" kind. High performance automobiles are usually a status achieved by someone who values the higher horse-power and overall superior abilities of this type of vehicle.

That's why these automobiles are more expensive to insure. There tends to be a risk involved with the high performance automobiles that might not be there with something a bit more sedate. These cars are made to go fast, and the individual who drives it would have to practice serious restraint in order to maintain constantly. The temptation could prove to be too much and that poses a risk to the insurance company. Prejudicial? Maybe, but your Camden, NJ insurance company goes by statistics and since they are the ones taking the risk, they can decide to up your rates.

There is another model of automobile that poses a risk to Camden, NJ automobile insurance agencies. Every year, New Jersey makes available a list of the most popular automobiles among thieves. If your car is on this list, you will pay a higher rate of Camden auto insurance, and rightfully so. An automobile that's highly desirable by thieves, especially in an urban setting like Camden, poses a huge risk to New Jersey auto insurers. The list changes frequently, and some of the vehicles on that list might surprise you. On 2010's list, seven of the top ten most stolen vehicles are from Detroit's Big Three and not luxury by any means. Domestic everyday vehicles are common on the Camden list from year to year.

Partly because of their resale value and partly because of their value to "chop shops" for parts, these everyday cars, vans and SUV's are popular among families and soccer moms and college students alike. There's very little "flash" to them and they really aren't what you would consider luxurious. They are simple everyday vehicles and thieves love them.

Lower Your Risk

So, what can you do if the car you want, or the automobile you currently own, ends up on the New Jersey top ten most stolen vehicles list? There are steps you can take to balance the higher rates you'll face. First, consider installing some anti-theft technology. Check with your Camden auto insurance agent and learn about car insurance laws and to find out what the criteria are for these anti-theft features to bring down your premiums, then equip your automobile with them. Not only will you lower your insurance costs but you'll also be protecting your automobile.

Another consideration to bring down your Camden vehicle insurance risk factor is to check on the safety record of a luxury or high performance automobile before you make that purchase. Investigate a bit and get in touch with your insurer. You may find by alerting him or her to the positive safety features on your higher risk automobile, you can bring your premium down slightly. It's always a wise idea to check the safety rating of any vehicle before you make the investment. Compare the Camden, NJ insurance rates for several vehicles that appeal to you before you decide.

You really have no control over what cars appeal to thieves, but you can keep on top of the information. Talk to your Camden automobile insurance company and take preventative steps to ensure your premiums will continue to be manageable. Find out how much of a rate-increase you can expect if you decide to insure a high performance, or high-end vehicle. Most of all stay informed.


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