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Buena Park automobile insurance isn't just a requirement to register in Buena Park, CA, it's your best line of defense and protection if you are ever in an accident. Your Buena Park vehicle insurance provider has made every effort, through your automobile insurance policy, to provide protection for you and your family, as well as one of your biggest investments, your automobile. By obtaining Buena Park auto insurance quotes, you were able to compare rates for Buena Park car insurance and afford the best coverage you could find.

What happens when you need to call on your Buena Park auto insurance? What's the best way to proceed if you've been in an automobile accident? Most people assume they will know what to do if that time ever comes, but in reality, so much could be taking place, you're in shock, you might be injured, your mind is on other things and pertinent information can slip through the cracks if you're not careful.

It's a good idea to go over the proper post accident procedures in order to make filing a claim with your Buena Park automobile insurance, or the other party's California automobile insurance company, a bit easier. Take notes, or print out a list of what to do and have it handy so that, in the event of an automobile accident, you'll be able to refer to it. Keep a check list with you, perhaps in the glove box with your Buena Park registration and your Buena Park auto insurance agent's number.

What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

It's a fact that automobile accidents seem to happen in a matter of seconds and come out of nowhere. Although you can't predict when, where or even if an automobile accident could occur, you can take steps to prepare yourself and always have an auto insurance card handy for quick access to information. It's extremely important to act immediately for your own protection. Hopefully you aren't injured, but you well could be disoriented and in shock. If you are injured, or in danger, it's necessary to act immediately.

Begin by doing a quick assessment of everyone involved for injury and seriousness of injury. If someone is in need of medical attention, or unconscious, do what you can to get them out of harms way, but, if possible, try not to move them. Call for help immediately and, if you are able, give as much detail as to your whereabouts and the seriousness of any injuries, as you can.

If the accident occurs on a major highway, move to the side of the road and get everyone out of danger. If you are able, turn on your hazard lights in order to prevent another automobile from hitting your already disabled automobile. You certainly don't need another Buena Park, CA accident. Make sure your automobile is visible to other drivers. You can request a kit through your Buena Park automobile insurance agent. These contain separate flashers and flares to make the scene more visible.

By all means, do not leave the scene. The CA police and Buena Park medical personnel will arrive shortly and you do not want to leave without filing a police report. You'll need to get the California officer's badge number and any information he or she is including in the police report. You will need the officer's information in order to obtain a copy of the report for insurance purposes. If there are any legal proceedings due to the accident, you'll need the report for your attorney.

Do not discuss the accident with anyone else there. Answer the California highway patrol or Buena Park police officer's questions only. You might say something to comfort the other party which could come back as an admission of guilt. You will be in shock and perhaps disoriented. Keeping quiet is to your advantage.

Although the Buena Park police have already done so, you will want to get the insurance information, names, phone numbers, and addresses of all parties involved, including witnesses. California can be a transient state and you want to be able to get in touch with everyone involved in the event there is a dispute of who was at fault. Again, this is for your own protection and maintaining a calm demeanor while ascertaining this information is essential.

If you have a cell phone camera, take pictures. As they say, it's worth a thousand words and can provide proof of any damage. It may not hold up if the event proceeds to court, but it could help to prevent someone from trying to defraud your insurance company.

Notifying your Agent

If possible, contact your Buena Park automobile insurance agent from the scene. He will have a cool head and will be able to advise you further. Make sure you have not only the automobile insurance company's claim department number, but your agents cell number if possible. Stay safe!

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