Be Accident Free

Learning to be accident free is one of the best ways to bring your insurance premiums down. Nothing scares an insurance provider more than someone who has a history of causing accidents. The insurer will be paying should you cause an accident, and they want to avoid any type of claim. Therefore, people who tend to have a history of being accident prone, tend to have a hard time finding affordable insurance or even insurance coverage at all. Insurance companies are notorious for not wanting to take any kind of gamble and if you have any kind of accident record, you will be paying much more for your coverage than if you have been avoiding accidents.

There are many different factors that lead to accidents. The proper driver's training is obviously essential, but even the best driver can put themselves in situations that are much more likely to cause accidents. These situations should be avoided wherever possible in order to ensure that you will be safe and continue to have affordable insurance.

Driving Hazards

One of the biggest dangers on the road today is people that use their cell phones while driving. Talking or texting while driving greatly increases your chances of causing an accident, and every year more and more accidents are brought about by cell phone usage on the road. You may think that you have the art of talking and texting while driving mastered, but studies have shown that even the most focused individuals cannot maintain their full concentration while on the phone. Certain states have even outlawed the use of mobile devices while driving, and you can be facing a ticket if you get caught. Both tickets and accidents are going to harm your insurance rates, and it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to talking while driving.

One of the more obvious practices to avoid on the road is drinking and driving. Alcohol greatly decreases your ability to focus and make judgments. Even someone who has only had a drink or two may be impaired while driving. Drunk drivers have claimed the lives of millions of people and the trend does not seem to be lessening. Not only is drunk driving incredibly dangerous, but it also leads to a lot of accidents, both major and minor. If you are driving while intoxicated and cause an accident, you will be facing legal consequences as well as much higher insurance rates. It is not worth the risk. Use a designated driver or cab service if you are drinking.

Another type of driving that closely resembles drunk driving is driving while tired. When you are tired, you may not have all of your senses or resources at their full potential. Every year, thousands of people fall asleep at the wheel and cause accidents. But you do not need to be completely asleep to cause an accident while driving tired. It is wise to pull over and get some rest if you are feeling sleepy. No deadline or destination is worth risking your safety and your insurance premiums.

Fixing Accidents

If you have already caused accidents and want your insurance company to forgive your driving record, there are certain things you can do to get better premiums. Defensive driving courses and other types of drivers training will help you remove points from your insurance record. However, the best way to avoid high insurance premiums is just to be accident free in the first place. By making smart choices and avoiding hazardous situations, you can ensure that you will stay accident free.


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