Avoiding Accidents

Avoiding accidents is one of the best things you can do to help your insurance rates and improve your insurance scores. An accident can be very costly and causing just one may dramatically increase the cost of your automobile insurance premiums. The insurance company is doing everything it can to avoid taking risks, and offering insurance to an accident-prone driver will lead to some big losses. If you have a poor enough driving record, it may even be almost impossible for you to find a policy at all. There are a few things that you can do in order to improve your standing with the insurance company, but the best advice is to just avoid accidents in the first place. The following are a few of the more common causes of automobile accidents.

Accident Causes

Driving drunk or buzzed is not only going to cause accidents but is extremely dangerous. Every year thousands of people are killed in accidents that involve alcohol. Getting in a car accident while drunk will generally cause you to lose your license and possibly spend time in jail or prison. If you do manage to avoid losing your license, you can be sure that your insurance premiums will go way up. Drunk driving is not only incredibly irresponsible, but it also can be financially devastating, as you will be paying much more for insurance. Always have a designated driver when you drink and never drive buzzed or drunk.

Inclement weather is another major cause of car accidents. Every part of our company is prone to some type of bad weather and the accidents that result from it. Heavy rains can lead to hydroplaning, snow and ice can cause you to slip and slide, and fog or mist can cause large visibility problems. It is important to drive carefully when the weather does not cooperate. Accidents that are caused by weather will lead to higher insurance rates. Take the time and do your best to avoid driving when the weather may be hazardous, it may lead to some saved money.

Driving while talking on your phone or texting is a great way to cause an accident. Studies have shown that using your phone while driving greatly increases your chances of being involved in accidents. Many states have even outlawed the use of cellular phones while driving in an effort to curb accidents. Not answering or using your phone on the road is a great way to avoid accidents and higher insurance premiums.

Driving drowsy represents another unsafe driving practice. When you are tired, you do not respond as quickly as you may while awake, and your senses are severely impaired. In fact, many experts think that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. If you are traveling and pushing yourself to stay awake, it is better to pull over and get some rest rather than risk an accident.

These reasons, among others, are large causes of accidents and unsafe driving. When you take chances with your driving, you are gambling with your insurance rates as well as with other people's lives. It pays to be safe when you are driving.

Safety First

You cannot be too cautious when you are driving. High insurance rates are a problem that you can easily avoid by driving safely. Avoiding accidents is easy if you just use common sense and take your time while driving. Do not drive drunk, watch the weather, leave your cell phone in your bag and make sure you have the proper amount of rest. It can be easy to avoid accidents and the high insurance rates that follow.


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