Avoid Being a High Risk Driver

High risk driving is a practice that is both dangerous and expensive and it pays to avoid being a high risk driver. High risk drivers, like young or new drivers, pay substantially higher insurance rates and generally are going to have to pay for quite a few extra tickets as well. Many different aspects influence insurance rates and premiums, and you have quite a bit of control over how much you may have to pay. Driving fast or dangerously may save you a bit of time, but being a safe and responsible driver will save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Just about every insurance company in the country is going to offer you some type of price break if you have a good driving record. On the other hand, most insurance companies are going to raise your rates if you are accident-prone or happen to receive too many moving violations.

What to Avoid

High risk driving includes several different practices that can end up raising your insurance rates. Accidents that are due to your error are one of the quickest ways to get higher insurance costs. An insurance company exists to cover you in case of accidents or problems, and they are hoping that you never have any type of big problem. Individuals that tend to get in trouble more often are going to end up costing the insurer more money, and that is why their rates are going to go up.

When an individual has received several moving violations, the insurance company will most likely raise their rates as well. People that routinely speed and practice other types of high risk driving are more likely to get into accidents and this makes insurance companies nervous. So when high amounts of moving violations are accrued, the insurer will increase insurance rates.

What to Do

Fortunately, the answer is simple when it comes to deciding what to do about avoiding high insurance rates. Essentially all you have to do is be a safe and responsible driver. Obey the speed limit, come to complete stops and be courteous and aware while driving. It may seem difficult at times, but the saved money on your insurance will make it worthwhile.

One problem that is becoming more and more widespread is cell phone usage while driving. Texting and talking on your phone while driving is an unsafe practice, and greatly increases your chances of accidents. Most states have established laws that outlaw the use of cell phones while driving, and in these areas you can also be ticketed for using a cell phone.

If you have already experienced increased insurance rates from poor driving, there still may be hope. Many insurance companies offer insurance breaks after you have achieved a period of safe driving or after you have completed a driving school course. However, most people generally need to have a clean driving record for months, or even years, in order to clear their records and lower their rates. So it is a much better idea to avoid driving problems in the first place.

Insurance represents a profitable business and this is because insurance companies do not like to take risks. Giving a high risk driver low rates is something the insurance company cannot afford to do, and will not happen. Safe and responsible driving is a good idea because it is going to help you save money, but it is also important because high risk driving endangers lives. Every year irresponsible drivers kill thousands of people and you should avoid being a high risk driver to help save lives as well as money.


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