Automobile Insurance Codes

Automobile insurance codes are tools that are used by insurers during your search for a great policy. Shopping for automobile coverage is often something that we tend to dread. The insurance industry has grown quite a bit and it can be very confusing and a bit frustrating trying to find a great policy at the price you want. We all are looking for the lowest possible car insurance rates, and nobody wants to sacrifice quality for low prices. So is it even possible to find a great policy that is offered by a great provider at a great price? It is very possible, and you may be surprised at the amount of options that you actually have. But there are several things that any shopper should be aware of before buying an automobile plan, and auto insurance codes like you might find on your automobile insurance card are one of them.

Vehicle insurance codes are important information for you and your provider. These numbers do a lot to determine the prices that you will be paying for your coverage and service. But what exactly are automobile insurance codes and what do they do? The following is a brief explanation of auto insurance codes and their function.

Codes Explained

When you begin looking for a good automobile insurance policy, the provider or agent will assign you and your automobile a number, these numbers constitute the codes that we will be referring to. The numbers that you receive will refer to a certain automobile or vehicle that you are looking to insure. These codes are used to determine the price that an individual will be paying for their coverage.

Your auto insurance codes are based on a large number of factors relating to your particular automobile. These factors all involve the ability of the particular car to withstand damage. For example, a car made from fiberglass is much more likely to see large damages during an accident then one made from steel. Also, a car that uses modern computer technology in its operation is going to be much more expensive to repair than one that is older. The fiberglass or computer-laden automobile options are going to be assigned codes that reflect their specific needs. Other factors include overall worth and how likely it is the particular car will be stolen or vandalized.

Once car insurance codes are assigned, they will affect the amount that a person will pay for their collision or comprehensive coverage. The smaller the code, the less a person will generally pay for their insurance. So someone that receives a 1 will likely be paying greatly reduced rates, whereas an automobile that scores a 25 will most likely see automobile insurance quotes that are much higher.

Lowering Prices

The main thing that a person can do to bring down their automobile insurance codes and their overall prices is to buy a car that is very low risk. However, not everyone wants these types of vehicles and there may be other factors that can help you lower your auto insurance quotes. The following are a couple tips that anyone can employ to try and get lower rates and more competitive codes.

First, make sure to install any potential safety equipment into your car. Alarms, specialty tires and other additions can all increase the overall safety of your automobile. When an insurer sees that you are making an effort to take safety precautions, they may be willing to assign codes that are a bit lower and more affordable.

Many other steps can be taken to get lower rates. While many of these practices may not lower your number, they will likely lower your premiums. Most importantly, avoid tickets and accidents at all costs. Moving violations and accidents raise prices quicker than anything else, and safe drivers tend to get much more affordable premium rates. Being a safe and cautious driver not only saves lives, but it also can save a lot of money. Raising your overall credit score may also make you a more attractive client to insurers. Many providers look at credit scores as a way to determine if somebody is likely to submit claims. While this correlation may not make sense to may, it is still criteria that providers will use. Maintaining a good credit score or improving a bad one can lead to big savings on your automobile coverage.

Our website can help even the most inexperienced shoppers locate the information and providers that they need. Automobile insurance codes may be a bit difficult to understand, but they are an important part of the process that goes into finding rates for your premiums. Use the tips we have provided to bring down your rates and get the cheapest and most comprehensive policy possible for your budget.


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