Auto Repair Insurance

Auto repair insurance comes in several key forms. Because auto coverage is required in most states for autos, it is important to understand what each of these forms are and what they do. Auto repair insurance, though often pricey, is the basic safeguard against having to pay massive amounts of money for a repair in the event of an accident. This kind of repair plan does not just cover accidents that were the driver's fault, but also accidents that were the fault of another driver who, for whatever reason, might not have coverage for a vehicle.

Car Repair Insurance Needs

In order to understand what type of coverage is necessary or what kind of coverage might be the most beneficial to one's particular situation, one should understand what each kind of coverage does. The primary kinds of coverage include auto liability coverage, collision, comprehensive coverage and rental reimbursement. These types of coverage only cover damages to the vehicle itself. They do not cover the possibility of bodily harm on someone in an accident. The types of civilian and military auto coverage here are only meant to discus auto coverage.

Coverage Types

Auto liability is a type of automobile repair insurance that actually falls into two sub-categories. These subcategories are bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Body liability is not related to damages incurred to the vehicle, so only property damage liability will be discussed here. Property liability coverage covers both damages caused to private or public property as well as damages that are caused to the auto vehicle by fixed property. For example, if a car runs into a lamppost, property liability coverage will mostly cover the lamppost, but will also cover damages to the auto caused by running into the lamppost. This type of plan is required in some states, simply to protect public and private property in the event of an accident.

Collision insurance is a type of automobile repair insurance that covers damage repair for the vehicle when it collides with another vehicle or an object. Collision can also cover damages that are incurred on the vehicle as a result of the vehicle rolling over. Collision is one of the most common types of auto repair insurance because it covers the broadest range of damage. Collision coverage is one of the types that are also frequently required by the state. In fact, in some areas, it is illegal to drive without having a card denoting that one has collision repair coverage.

Comprehensive vehicle repair insurance is the type that repairs damages that could be incurred onto a vehicle as a result of elemental damage not caused by another driver or by the owner of the auto vehicle. This includes damages from hail, water, vandalism, theft, animal collision, fire or wind. Basically, anything that does not involve being in an accident. This type of auto coverage, though not entirely required in some states, is often included in coverage; simply because most agents will advise that any driver purchases this type of coverage. This type of coverage is also used far more frequently than the coverage that protects against collisions with other drivers because damages incurred by the elements or by hitting animals are far more frequent than damages caused by other things.

Another common type of automobile repair insurance is rental reimbursement. Though this type of coverage is not required for normal drivers, most rental companies will require that the driver purchases the coverage before taking a car out. This type of coverage is something of an all-inclusive type of coverage that is meant to cover any and all damages that might come to the rental vehicle during the time that the drive is in possession of the vehicle. It is basically a type of reassurance that the rental company will be covered in the event of damage to their property. Again, this is not a required type of insurance, but it is still required for rental drivers so that all auto repair incidents can be done to the car if necessary.

Though there are other types of different kinds of insurance, these are the most common types that will cover damages that need to be repaired on the actual vehicle itself rather than medical bills that could be incurred by a harmed individual in an accident. Auto repair insurance is essential to most, if not all drivers, because damages that are incurred onto a vehicle can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars that most normal people will not be able to cover. This is where auto coverage comes in--to cover the large price tag that can be tacked onto a vehicle after a crash or collision. Understanding these types of courage will help one better understand how insurance works as well as what type of insurance they should get for repair insurance one should get.


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