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An auto insurance agent may have a bad reputation in your mind, but using an agent to find the best car insurance plan is often the wisest choice. The jokes about car insurance agents fly around regularly. "The only way to tell if a a car insurance agent is lying is to check if his lips are moving. But at least car insurance company executive never lie; they just don't really know what the truth is after all." Zing. Though they are certainly funny, these quips couldn't be further from the truth.

Auto policy agents aren't geckos or thieves, they're people whose job it is to find a policy that truly fits their customers needs and lives. They make a living based on the quality of their work, so the results of pushing the wrong auto coverage are twofold. First, the agent gets a terrible reputation and no referrals, which are both crucial elements to being successful in the industry. Second, auto agents only make commissions on policies that customers keep, so pushing for unneeded coverage winds up backfiring in the long run.

Perspectives From an Insider

An expert who has been an automobile insurance agent for several decades said there are several keys to successfully dealing with auto agents to ensure you are getting the best coverage. First and foremost, the expert said it is imperative that customers be honest with their agents to ensure all factors are taken into account. Information like driving history, possible life circumstance changes, financial history and problems, as well as specific needs should all be discussed with the policy broker. Simply put, leaving out crucial information can lead to bad coverage.

The auto insurance estimate and coverage industry expert also said an important part of working with an automobile insurance agent is rehashing all prices, coverage options, and choices as many times as you want. "A good agent will have no problem whatsoever explaining all the details of a policy and all of your options several times," he said. "The bottom line is that they want your business and they want you to feel comfortable, so don't be afraid to ask questions." Indeed, asking agents for clarification or more detail is vital.

Bad Apples Exist

Of course, as in any transaction where money is involved, there will be stories of bad apples that can seriously tarnish the industry's image and reputation. Auto insurance is exception, but don't let the horror stories deter you from using a vehicle insurance agent to find quotes, discuss options and ultimately choose a fitting car policy. The vast majority of the auto agents in the industry are making an honest living and work hard to maintain their professionalism and dedication.

There are positive consequences of the fraudulent activities that do crop up. Common fraud examples include filing multiple claims for a car accident, filing multiple claims for an injury, filing injury claims when the injuries didn't happen in a car accident, or citing repair costs that are higher than amounts really paid. But notice that all of these actions are more related to post-accident activities, so the incidence of unscrupulous auto insurance agent actions during the initial policy signing process is fairly low. Knowing all the possible ways in which illegal activities occur can help you spot problems as you look for your auto insurance through an agent.

Preparing Yourself to Win

Before you enter the arena of finding a fitting car coverage policy through an automobile insurance agent, be sure to take all the necessary preparation steps. First, get price quotes from various insuring companies so you have a ballpark figure in your head as you set out to work with a broker. Know every detail about your current situation, such as how many cars you have and how much money they are valued at, how many drivers will be covered on the policy, and what type of coverage you are looking for. There are numerous options within a car insurance policy - including liability, comprehensive, collision, personal injury protection, and more - so do some research so you can have an educated conversation with an auto insurance agent. The auto broker will answer any questions about specific details.

Then, get trusted referrals from friends, families and coworkers. As mentioned earlier, the auto insurance agent industry is fueled a great deal by reputation, so ask around to find a quality auto agent. In addition to asking for specific referrals, ask for stories and advice. If a close friend tell you that his auto coverage agent put him in a policy that was too expensive and didn't meet his needs, ask how that situation could have been avoided. With your advice and research in hand, you will be able to get the right coverage for the right price.


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