Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim

Auto Accident Personal Injury Insurance Claim. Arguably the most dreaded phrase in the auto insurance world, as not only does it assume a terrible incident occurred, there were serious injuries involved. While no company likes to dole out claims when there is an accident with an personal injury or two, it is an unfortunate side effect of the business that all have to be aware of and prep for accordingly. But as long as it is just that or even worse (hopefully just an injury, not a permanent disability), the industry will try to take care of any victims as best they can. It's very much the moral center of what auto policy agents do.

Whether or not that is enough is always debatable. The aftermath of any auto incident is always an emotional time for those injured and everone else who loves and supports the victim. But there are certain steps to make sure that you know how to receive an automobile accident personal injury insurance claim through your car insurance provider, and this article will help as best we can to describe the process that an accident victim will go through to make sure that they can file a vehicle accident personal injury insurance claim and receive their much deserved money for healing and recovery.

How To File A Personal Claim

An auto accident is no fun. It's a troubling event, and if you're lucky, you'll escape with just some bumps and bruises. Cars can be replaced, people can't. How does one go about filing a car accident personal injury insurance claim, anyway? The first thing you need to do is have the presence of mind to get hold of your personal insurance agent as soon as you can. A quick phone call, after usually chatting with the police at the scene of the auto incident, allows your personal insurance agent to start the process of filing the claim. If it's just a fender bender, then all's well. The auto agency cuts you a check for your troubles, the car is repaired. You're a little shaken, but life goes on as you get back on the road with your auto.

If the auto accident is more serious than just a fender bender, and you suffer a personal injury, then the auto insurance process becomes more difficult. However, in that case it's more essential to get it right so that you get what you deserve for your automobile accident personal injury insurance claim without having to twist the insurance agency's arm. If you've done the right thing and contacted the police in the immediate aftermath of the accident, then you're on the right path. It's also important that in the case of multiple people involved with possible injury, you contact the other person's insurance agency just in case they themselves are a victim and suffer a personal injury as well. Having an incident with more than one auto accident personal injury insurance claim is important to get right for you and the agency.

After that, it is likely that you will have to hire an auto policy lawyer. While you won't want to assume the worst about the other person or persons involved in this incident, it's best to have all your bases covered in case of an automobile accident personal injury insurance claim. Having a incident's cause devolve into 'he said, he said' with no lawyers involved is just a mess, and it's better to be safe than sorry in this case. Also send a detailed general letter with notarization to the other person's claim agency. This letter should include details of the incident as best as you can remember them. This also means the date and time of the accident, a notification of an injury to the other party's agency and the date and time of the letter. Again, covering all bases in case of a auto accident personal injury insurance claim.

Other Issues With Auto Incident Claims

It's estimated that over 80 percent of every auto accident personal injury insurance claim is the fault of a clearly defined person. If that person is you, play fair and admit it. The hassle otherwise is enormous for the others involved and the claim agency. The only winners in that case are the lawyers involved. If it's not your fault, make sure to follow the defined rules up above. Cover all your bases, and more often than not, the claim on both sides will be fair. And really, that's the most important part, especially if no lives are lost. Bodies can heal, and claim money can help there, but loss of life is something more important than who was at fault for a minor fender bender. Keep that in mind, and you'll be a more cautious driver.


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