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Austin automobile insurance lies in a number of categories. You have those individuals who are considered low risk drivers and then you have those that have "non standard automobile insurance." Teens in Texas tend to fall into the category of "non standard" because they are high risk. It is this type of Austin auto protection that is going to cost more than someone who is considered a normal risk.

There are several factors that can deem a person in Austin, TX a high risk driver. Luckily, just because someone is considered high risk doesn't mean they are going to be difficult to insure. However, a Texas automobile insurance company in Austin does reserve the right to not insure someone if they don't want to. The good news is that there has to be a number of factors in place before a person can't be insured by the company.

Who is High Risk?

Aside from the fact that teenagers pose an increased risk of being in an automobile accident, there are a number of other individuals who are considered non standard. With teens, they are considered high risk in Austin, TX because they are portrayed as a group that is not mature enough to be fully responsible behind the wheel of a car. They tend to take risks and they are also inexperienced.

The elderly can be considered non standard because there are certain impairments that come about with age. They are mature and responsible enough to be behind the wheel of an automobile. It is due to deteriorating reflexes and senses that make them a higher risk.

Those who own luxury and sports car are considered high risk by Austin car insurance companies because these cars seem to attract thieves and accidents. These cars are also very expensive, so the automobile insurance company in Austin is not going to take any chances. Thieves see these nice cars and they want to steal items within them and even steal the cars. Others on the road see these expensive cars and assume that the owners have lots of money, so there are some that will try and stage an accident so that they can sue. This is, unfortunately, something that some do try in Texas and all around the U.S. They can force a driver to rear-end them or to be at fault in the accident in another way.

Those with many traffic violations are also at high risk. If a person has been in excessive automobile accidents, then they are going to be considered a risk to the insurance company, so this means that the risk has to be offset through the premium. Those with excessive violations are not considered responsible drivers to the Austin auto insurance company.


If someone has recently been in an automobile accident in Austin, then they are considered at a higher risk of repeating the act than someone who has never been in an automobile accident.

Any time a person is considered non standard, or high risk, they are subject to higher Austin automobile insurance premiums. Don't let this alarm you because there are different levels in which they higher premiums may be enacted. First, the degree of risk a person poses has an impact. A person who has been in a number of automobile accidents will have a higher Austin vehicle insurance premium than someone who has had two or more parking tickets.

For some, there is a time in which the degree of risk will decrease. For teens, they get older and this means that their risk decreases. They are no longer the irresponsible drivers that the Austin auto insurance company felt them to be when they were teens. Usually around the age of 25 is when premiums decrease. This is especially true for those who have never been in an accident in Texas or anywhere. The insurance becomes even more affordable.

For some, they don't experience the decrease. This applies to those who have been in an automobile accident recently. Then there is the elderly. The Austin automobile insurance company cannot apply discounts for the elderly as they get older since it is getting older that is the problem. The higher the risk as a person gets older, the higher the insurance premium will be. Some elderly individuals in Austin stop driving because the premiums get too high, yet they are perfectly able to drive. Luckily, there are options and insurance premiums don't have to be so out of hand.

So when looking for Austin automobile insurance that is reasonable, understand how being high risk can affect your premium. Know that there are discounts that you can use and that the safer you drive, the better it is going to be on your wallet. Even if you have been in an automobile accident in the past, altering driving habits helps.


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