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Atlanta automobile insurance can be affected in a number of ways depending upon what happens in a person's life. For instance, a DUI can have an impact on a person's automobile insurance in Atlanta, GA. The impact comes in the way of the insurance premium being increased.

Sometimes, an individual gets a DUI without knowing they are intoxicated. However, everyone's physiology is different. One person may be able to stay within the legal blood alcohol limit after four or 5 drinks, while another person may reach it after two drinks. Much of this has to do with gender and bodyweight. Plus, the way a person's body processes alcohol has much to do with this as well.

So even if you think you are driving your automobile within the legal limit, you may not be. This is how a lot of good people get DUIs on their records and then their Atlanta auto insurance company raises their rate as a result. Then there is the offense on their record. Good people have also made the mistake of underestimating their alcohol intake and being the cause of a fatal automobile accident.

DUI and Atlanta Insurance

You should know that drinking and driving comes with a number of consequences. If you're not in an automobile accident, yet are caught by law enforcement with a blood alcohol content higher than the legal limit in Georgia, you could be arrested.

Because the offense will be on your driving record, the Atlanta auto insurance company will impose much higher rates on you. As a matter of fact, the premium will skyrocket. The Atlanta car insurance company does reserve the right to cancel the policy. However, they may opt to increase the premium for first or second offenses. When the policy would be canceled is up to the Atlanta insurance company.

The best way to deal with all of this is to simply not drive your automobile drunk. Although it may seem as if something such s getting caught or being in an automobile accident wouldn't happen to you, it can. Everyone who ever gets caught or has an automobile accident didn't think anything bad would happen to them.

Believe it or not, most of the individuals with DUIs in Atlanta, GA are not alcoholics. This means that there are a lot of non-alcoholic individuals having their Atlanta automobile insurance premiums increased because of making the mistake once. But it is a serious crime and one that raises the risk that the Georgia auto insurance company is taking on the individual.

Avoiding Drunk Drivers

In order to avoid drunk drivers so that you don't become a victim or find yourself at fault for an accident, it is good to avoid time times in which drunk drivers are on the road. For instance, holidays are notorious for drunk drivers. If you go to a holiday gathering where there is alcohol, keep your Atlanta automobile insurance, your life, and the lives of others in mind.

If you're not drinking, keep your distance away from the vehicle in front of you. The last thing you want is for a drunk driver to suddenly slam their brakes and then you slam into the back of them. You would be cited for the accident, even if they are found to be driving drunk. This would be on your driving record and your Atlanta vehicle insurance company would find out. They would find out if the other party files a claim and if they review your driving record.

And keep in mind that not all automobile accidents in Georgia that are alcohol-related are due to hard liquor. Most of them involve simply beer and it is a misconception that it takes a lot of beer to impair a person in Atlanta. It only takes 3 to 4 beers to legally impair a 160 pound man. That's a 160 pound man who is in good overall condition and whose system works like the average system. Certain health conditions can exaggerate the effects of alcohol.

If you have been convicted of a DUI and it has been reflected on your Atlanta auto insurance, try not to worry. There are discounts that you may qualify for that you can ask the automobile insurance company in Atlanta about. Discounts can help you to offset any expenses associated with automobile accidents and DUIs that you may have acquired in the past.

Just because you may have this mark on your record doesn't mean that you are going to do it again. Some individuals only have a DUI once and your Atlanta automobile insurance company may recognize this fact later. So even if you've made the mistake once, do what you can to ensure it doesn't happen again. This includes making sure you are not in any automobile accidents that are your fault.


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