Antique Automobile Insurance

Antique automobile insurance is a great way to protect your antique or hobby car. Most car collectors put a lot of time and money into restoring and perfecting their classic vehicle. A well-restored classic car is not only a statement about your personality, but a beautiful investment. But just like any automobile, you need proper coverage for your hobby car. Accidents do happen and fixing even the smallest damages on a restored vehicle can be expensive. Luckily, there are certain antique car insurance providers that offer cheap automobile insurance coverage that is specifically designed for classic, restored cars.

Traditional vs. Specialty

When you decide to purchase a policy, it is important to look for one that will best cover your vehicle and the way that you chose to use it. Many specialty policies have special regulations that manage how you operate your car. With these types of plans, you may only be able to drive your automobile from time to time. There are advantages and disadvantages to both traditional and specialty coverage.

When you decide to buy traditional policies, you will be able to choose a basic level of protection for your car. Many people may even only have enough money for a liability option. With a liability plan, you will only have coverage that provides for other cars should you cause an accident. Damages to your antique automobile will not be covered. Most states have laws that govern how much coverage is necessary for car owners and liability is generally the minimum amount that you need. Buying a liability policy will ensure that you comply with the law and have enough protection for the other drivers on the road.

There are various levels of automobile coverage with traditional policies. The most complete level of coverage is generally referred to as comprehensive. A comprehensive plan will come with higher car insurance rates, but will provide much higher levels of coverage. With comprehensive traditional policies, your car will be covered regardless of what happens. Rock chips, fender benders and full accidents will be covered with a good comprehensive automobile insurance plan. However, if your car is an antique, many companies may be hesitant to offer you comprehensive coverage. There are many different things that go into building a classic car and they can be difficult to properly insure. Antique automobile insurance is provided to help with the specific issues that come with classic car ownership.

When you buy a classic automobile policy, the insurer will provide for the special needs that come with a classic automobile. Bodywork, paint and parts are much more expensive with a classic car and you need an insurance policy that reflects these special circumstances. Having this type of policy should protect your investment in your vehicle. There are often different policy rules that come along with a classic vehicle plan. For example, you may not be able to drive your car except for a few times per month. Also, you may need to stay with your automobile while you are at car shows. Some antique auto insurance policies also have a mileage limit that restricts the amount of miles that you can put on the vehicle and retain coverage. Most antique car owners generally only use their vehicles for short drives and hobby events, and these kinds of restrictions fit within their normal usage. These and other types of special consideration are taken into effect when you decide to purchase an Antique vehicle insurance policy. Often, the benefits of having a classic car insurance policy far outweigh the negatives and it may be the only type of plan that properly protects your vehicle.

Buying a Policy

When you start shopping for an antique automobile insurance policy, you will find that you have many options. Automobile insurance quotes vary depending on the provider and it pays to do some shopping. Antique auto insurance can be very affordable if you find the right policy. Look for a provider that is willing to discuss reasonable prices with you and offer you flexible options. A great antique auto insurance plan will properly protect the specific intricacies of classic car ownership. The Internet has made it much easier to locate auto insurance quotes and buying a plan is easier than ever.

Antique automobile insurance is an important part of your car restoration project. There are hundreds of providers for antique automobiles and it can be confusing trying to pick the perfect plan for you. Use the tips that we have provided and look for the policy that best fits your budget. Your classic car is an important investment and something that deserves the proper protection. Get the quotes and rates you need to make the right decision. Having a great policy will make your antique automobile even more impressive.


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