Antique Auto Insurance

Antique auto insurance is far more involved than regular car coverage. Regular auto coverage is fairly simple because it is more commonplace and there is less to cover. When it comes to antique automobile insurance, a car must also be covered from aging damage, more expensive auto parts and additional coverage for the special kind of car. Because this coverage is more expensive than normal auto insurance, it can be a very involved task to find the cheapest possible plan. However, there are several things that one can look at when looking into cheap antique automobile insurance to make sure that they are getting the best possible deal for their particular situation.

There are five types that one should take into consideration when looking for cheap auto car coverage and speaking with a vehicle insurance agent. Not all of these items are required for old cars, so depending on the kind of coverage that one wants, one or more of these coverage's can be forgone, especially if one is wanting a cheaper plan for their vintage vehicle. These five things are body injury liability, property damage liability, physical damage, towing and labor and extended transportation coverage.

Types of Antique Automobile Insurance

Body injury liability is actually not specific to antique auto insurance. It is something that is often written into vehicle policies to cover someone that might be injured by your vehicle or when riding in your vehicle. This type of plan is required in some states so that any accident is covered if it is the driver's fault. Though this type of coverage is not specific for antique car insurance, it is a requirement for some cars. If it is not required, it may be written out of the policy to save a little money on the policy.

Property damage liability, much like body injury liability is not actually specifically required only for antique auto insurance. It is another type of coverage that is for all vehicles to cover any damage caused to private or public property in the event of an accident. Because this type of auto vehicle insurance is not necessary for vintage vehicles, it can be left out of the policy if legal in the state that the vehicle is registered in. This will also help save a little money on monthly auto payments.

Physical damage auto coverage is one type of antique automobile plans that is necessary for old vehicles. In fact, in some situations, it is actually mandatory for an older, vintage type of vehicle. Physical damage includes all aspects of damage that could happen to the vehicle. This includes damage that could be inflicted on to the vehicle because of elemental damage such as rust. However, it can also include damages incurred because of accidents caused by other drivers or any other damage to the vehicle. Basically, physical damage coverage will cover any harm that comes to the actual vehicle. Because many old autos are more susceptible to damage, this type of coverage is required for all antique autos by most, if not all coverage companies.

Towing and labor is another optional type of auto coverage that can be purchased for antique automobiles. This includes any and all fees incurred if a vehicle breaks down and needs to be towed and worked on at some point. Again, this type of auto coverage is not necessary for any type of vehicle, but is very useful for antique vehicles because of the fact that they are more susceptible to breaking down. Towing and labor coverage does not include regular maintenance for a vehicle, however. So this kind of coverage can be left out in order to save money on insurance.

Extended auto transportation coverage will include any expenses incurred when a vehicle breaks down and needs to be transported for a long distance. It also includes any damages that might be incurred when transporting an antique vehicle for a long period of time. This is especially valid for cars that are taken off to car shows and are transported for long distances. If anything happens to the car while in transit, it will be covered by extended transportation coverage. However, if a vehicle is not taken to auto shows or is not transported for long periods of time, this kind of coverage is not necessary.

Antique Vehicle Insurance Value

Though antique auto insurance might be a little more expensive than insurance needed for traditional vehicles, it is necessary to ensure that all potential instances are covered. Antique autos can be very expensive to repair and maintain. So much of this insurance is necessary to keep the costs of upkeep for one of these cars down. However, if one wants to be sure that their vehicle will be covered in any situation, spending a little extra on good insurance is always advised.


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