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Albany automobile insurance will have your back as you make your way around the Georgia roads. Wherever your travels take you, throughout your daily tasks, you can be assured that you have the most thorough Albany vehicle insurance you can find. Your Albany Georgia automobile insurance is the most thorough automobile coverage you can afford because you have shopped around. You've obtained quotes to compare so that you could find the best rates around for the most optimum automobile insurance policy coverage available.

You know that the state of Georgia requires you to obtain automobile insurance. You have to have an active Georgia vehicle coverage policy in order to register your vehicle in Albany, GA and you need to keep up your policy in order to legally drive in the state. This is for your protection and protection of others in Albany It's not just the law, it makes sense.

In the event of an automobile accident for which you are found to be at fault, you could end up paying a lot of out of pocket expenses if you don't have appropriate coverage. Your liability limits may not be enough to compensate the other driver for damage to their automobile and any injuries suffered as a result of the crash. This may be a good opportunity for you to look into raising your liability coverage with your Albany car insurance, or expanding your insurance policy, to better protect yourself and your assets.

No amount of coverage, however, can help you if you don't file a police report. This seems to be a widely known fact, but every day there are thousands of people who neglect to file a report. They either see the task as time consuming, or they don't think the minimal amount of damage warrants a report. Filing a police report at the time of the automobile accident is crucial. A police report serves you in many ways, the most important being proof of fault, in case of legal proceedings, and also, as an account of the accident by the authorities, so that your claim to your Albany automobile insurance will be settled in short order.

Filing a Police Report

Determining who is financially responsible for an automobile accident is essential when trying to make an insurance claim. If the other party is determined at fault, either obviously or because of the type of collision (rear end automobile collisions are often the fault of someone following too closely), you may go ahead with the claims process only to have it be contested. Many times, once the police have made a determined account of the accident scene, damage and positioning of each automobile involved and eye witness accounts from those present, there is little room for dispute.

Even if your Albany, GA accident results in minor damage, it's still wise to file a police report. You may find certain injuries are not apparent at the scene and once the dispute is reckoned on the scene, with no information exchanged and no police record of the event, it will be impossible for you to get restitution. Your Albany auto insurance agent can provide you with your vehicle insurance code and the protocol for filing a police report, or help you with a checklist of what to do immediately following an accident.

When the police arrive on the scene, you may be feeling a bit shaken or scared. This might cause you to forget or intentionally omit certain events as they took place. The most important duty you have right now is to be honest and forthright. Omitting certain details could come back to haunt you later. You might have a difficult time with your automobile insurance claim or even be arrested for making a false statement. Everyone makes mistakes and your Albany agent knows this. That's the nature of Albany auto insurance.

Some consumers are loathe to make a claim against their Albany automobile insurance company and will opt to settle things up on the scene. It's not often a good option however, if this is something you decide and all parties are in agreement, then it is absolutely in your best interest to file a police report. You want an accurate and legal account of the incident so no one will try and come back on you or your Albany auto insurance company.

Obtaining Your Report

The Albany, GA officer who responds to the scene should supply you with the phone numbers and process to follow up so that you can obtain a copy of the police report. You should make sure to get the reporting officer's pertinent information (name, badge number, precinct number, etc) for easier follow up. Even if you, not the other party plan to make a claim against your Albany automobile insurance, it's a good idea to obtain a copy of the report for your records.

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